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Is Your Business Ready for IoT Business Solutions?

Regardless of your industry or tenure, IoT business solutions can optimize your office and daily operations. This goes beyond a few smart office upgrades, to a personalized system that puts technology to work for you. You’ll need to make a few investments, but they will pay themselves back.

What is IoT?

Short for Internet of Things, an IoT is a strategically designed internal network. It’s a customized and ever-evolving system that connects all of your smart technologies. By connecting your technologies, you can manage your systems onsite or remotely through an app, automate a variety of functions and alerts, and access in-depth reporting.

You may already have an internal network for data storage and security, but your IoT does so much more. Below are just a few examples of the benefits you can leverage in a traditional or hybrid office.

#1 Robust Data Collection

Connecting your technology collects data that is both big and deep. Big data is what you generate when you connect your internal software systems. Deep data is what you generate when you connect all of your gadgets, machines, and equipment. Big and deep data empowers you to solve problems, answer questions, and innovate. This includes answers to questions you and your team aren’t yet answering.

#2 Advanced Optimization

Leverage your data to curate actionable insights that can be utilized to create powerful new strategies to grow your business. This includes optimizing everything from internal operations to maintenance, communications, marketing, new product development, and more. For example, eliminating data entry redundancies by automating data and file sharing.

#3 Personalized Sales and Marketing

Think beyond department-wide and interdepartmental data points, to advanced consumer data. This includes demographic-wide data points that pinpoint a wider range of problems your products or services solve. Or the additional problems your demographic wants solutions for.

You can also personalize individual client communications. This includes communicating via individual client’s preferred communication channels and sending personalized marketing and promotions.

#4 Automated Alerts

IoT business solutions can automate alerts that will save you time and money. This includes upgrading to smart sensors, machines, equipment, and hands-free technology to improve safety, security, and productivity.

For example, automated alerts that let you know:

· When a security camera is offline.

· When a machine requires maintenance.

· If there is a bottleneck in production.

· If mobile devices need to be recharged.

· How energy-efficient your office is.

· And more!

#5 Improved Communications

Your IoT allows your team members to securely communicate through a variety of devices. With the rise in hybrid and remote workforces this has never been more important. Not to mention that you and your team may be on the go and need the flexibility and speed to work from your desktop, laptop, notebook, and smartphone.

In terms of standard phone calls, your IoT can be designed with advanced call trees, call forwarding, and local numbers that route to anywhere in the world—from anywhere in the world.

Ready to Digitally Transform Your Business?

Digital process transformation and IoT business solutions are one of the many IT services provided by Tek Remedy, LLC. We serve clients nationwide but offer onsite IoT business solutions in the DMV area.

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