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Should You Outsource or Hire for Your Small Business Skills Gap?

We live in an exciting time where you can access subject matter experts across a variety of fields. These experts can help you launch and grow your small business. So, when you have an internal skills gap, the first thing to determine is if you should outsource or hire.

When Is It Time to Expand Your Team?

If you haven’t yet, create detailed job descriptions for each role in your organization and a proactive talent pipeline. This will help you to understand what skills you are likely to require next. Don’t go this alone, as your outsourced experts can help.

A few signs it’s time to add internal or external talent include:

  • You or your team are performing multiple roles beyond your primary area of specialty.

  • You or your team are making costly mistakes due to increased job volume.

  • You are running behind or turning down clients because you can’t keep up with demand.

When to Outsource?

Generally speaking, you never want to outsource job duties that are centered around a skill that is essential to what gives your organization your competitive edge.

Some ideal times to seek external partnerships include:

  • You don’t have the budget to add on a full-time team member.

  • You have a short-term skill need or need to get through a bottleneck.

  • Your internal expert requires additional support.

  • You require an unbiased outside perspective.

What Can You Outsource?

Now that you understand what you can outsource or hire for, let’s dive into the most common things small businesses delegate externally.

#1 Internet Technology

Even major corporations with full IT departments utilize external IT teams. From initial and ongoing digital transformation to data security, 24/7 website monitoring, customized coding projects, and more.

#2 Taxes, Accounting, and Financial Services

Make no mistake, you need to learn to analyze your numbers at a very high level. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to do your bookkeeping or accounting in-house. Ideally, look for an individual or team who will also act as your virtual CFO—providing proactive and reactive business growth strategies.

#3 Human Resources

An HR expert ensures you are in compliance with local labor laws. Even little things can be costly if not managed properly such as breaks.

An external team can also perform duties such as:

  • Creating your company policies.

  • Creating your new hire manual.

  • Recruiting and screening talent.

  • Performing initial interviews.

  • New hire and recurrent training.

#4 Payroll

Ideally, hire an HR or financial partner who also processes payroll. An external expert will ensure your payroll is always in full compliance and processed on time. They will also educate you on your local payroll and labor laws, which can vary greatly from one state to the next. Sometimes within different counties, especially if you hire high-school-aged students.

#5 Graphic Design and Website Design

While there are countless DIY design tools, your time is best invested in doing what you do best, so outsource your:

  • Branding

  • Logo design

  • Business cards

  • Print marketing materials

  • Product packaging design

  • Website design

  • Digital marketing ads

  • Opt-in landing pages

  • Presentation design

  • And more

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