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2023 Email Marketing Engagement Trends Every Small Business Can Leverage for Growth

Your opt-in emails are already mobile-responsive and automated, but there is much more to consider! Below are 5 powerful email marketing engagement trends for 2023. Implement them to improve open rates, connection, and conversion rates.

#1 Design Trends

Like all types of design, digital design trends shift and evolve. Currently, email design is most successful if it is:

Minimalist—remember that most of your subscribers will be reading your email on their mobile devices. So, opt for a crisp white background and use color sparingly.

Visual—if you have physical products to sell, say more with imagery than you do with words. This can include videos, dynamic gifs, animated collaging, and more.

Letter-like—there’s a growing trend in letter-like emails from brands that don’t sell physical products. Keep paragraphs, and readable without the need to scroll on mobile screens.

#2 Dark Mode Compatibility

Ensure that your email designs are dark mode compatible, or that you have dark mode options in your email.

Dark mode ensures screens are easier to read in low-light settings. If your emails aren’t compatible, users may open them—and close them without reading them. Non-compatible emails are also more likely to end up in spam instead of the inbox.

#3 Interactive

Interactivity is one of the most popular email marketing engagement trends. This isn’t just for visual engagement, but to create hands-on engagement.

For example:

  • Product showcases that can be rolled over to view more.

  • Clickable carousels to feature more products or information.

  • Clickable dropdown sections if leads want to read more.

  • Email surveys or polls that don’t route to an external page.

#4 Segmentation and Personalization AI

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to transition your subscribers from a standard monthly newsletter, to segmented lists. Once in a segmented list, subscribers should be hyper-targeted and the content they are sent should be personalized. This is achieved with the help of artificial intelligence.

AI collects both general and lead-specific data that empowers you to better engage leads and existing customers throughout their lifecycle. This is an advanced and automated process that is powerful for driving retention rates and initial and repeat purchases.

#5 Omnichannel AI

Omnichannel email marketing engagement trends empower you to interact with leads post-engagement on a secondary channel. For example, if an existing subscriber or account holder adds items to their shopping cart—but abandons the cart, you could:

  • Send them a text message reminder.

  • Send an in-app shopping cart reminder.

  • Email a reminder that they have items in their cart.

  • Personalize the next few emails to include the items in their cart.

Keep Things Simple and Let Us Do This All For You!

Invest your time doing what you and your team do best while letting the team at TEK REMEDY handle your email marketing. We ensure your emails are segmented, automated, mobile-friendly, and visually engaging. Need help setting up your email marketing?

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